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Life Science, Industry 4.0, Fintech
C-iHUB comes with combined
3 continent collaboration
Europe, Central Asia, Middle East & Africa
Value generation through
M&A, Go To Market

About C-iHUB

Come be a part of the hybrid one of its kind revolutionary accelerator, on a mission to help future
generation of entrepreneurs. We invite entities from seed to series A. Our management services
offer a highly efficient and scalable approach that can continue to magnify, as your company
C-iHUB enables business start-ups, investors, and entrepreneurs gain quick access to the sources of
capital, funding avenues, building connections to industry and technology, technology transfers, and
incubator space, as well as the best in-class access to funds and smart capital.


The promoters of C-iHUB, The Global Hybrid accelerator share a common vision of nurturing future generation entrepreneurs. C-iHUB is backed by the Crescent Group, STS world Wide and Open Range Capital Partners.

The hybrid accelerator has Mount Judi and Siraj holding as Co-Investment partners while Gibraltar technologies is our global partner. Our tech partners include Technology Association of Georgia, International Business Society and Southeastern Medical Device Association. Our innovation and incubation partner is Crescent Innovation and Incubation Council.

Our Co-Investment partners
Our Innovation and incubation partner
Our Innovation and incubation partner

Why C-iHUB?

C-iHUB prides with a USP of being the first got to market Hybrid Accelerator. We aid start-
ups and early-stage development businesses by linking them with local and non-local
business leaders through our access to new markets reach spread across 3 continents. This
includes the potential to reach out to over 30 international industrial associations. We follow a
data driven approach to maximize product and service advantage. Our focus sectors are

Agro / Food Processing / Blue Economy

Life Sciences

Industry 4.0


What we offer

We excel in crafting a viable GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy, product advice, sales strategies, funding options and scalability for start-ups, corporate partners, and investors there by helping them to solve the problem before getting to the solution.

Our unique offerings at a glance include

Startup Assistance

Our work teams are from diverse industry background, but they often operate in cross-industrial
groups to solve real time problems. We leverage unique resources and our mutual expertise and
business relationships to identify the best approaches.

The Assistance for startups Include

What Works For Us !

We are careful in adopting curation process, which offers companies with the ability to usable data by using experience and understanding of their own data properties.

Quantum Leap Evaluation Strategy

Our formulated process-centric strategy helps enterprises benefit from quantum leap evaluation and earnings. To obtain the reach needed to crack the breakthrough and GTM log jam, to strive to produce better performance, we are on a path that can thrive and scaled up at the same time.

We know the clear signs of what would make a company a lot more successful across the entire innovation landscape. The capability to invest, invent, innovate and commercialize is universal, but it must be nurtured with the right smart capital and GTM strategy. Just like manufacturing evolved from ‘craftsmanship to factories’, likewise, we have industrialized innovation in our DNA.

How it Works

Our strategy is based after a detailed study on having observed over 450 startups across Silicon Valley and other parts of the globe. Our approach:

Sustaining Innovation

After a study of over 75 innovation ecosystems, we have identified a collection of elements that sustains innovation.

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Collaboration is in our DNA. It’s time to go HYBRID.

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